• Sharon Sams

Why I Pull 3 Cards For Each Month


I always pull 3 cards at the beginning of every month. It is comforting and helpful for me to know what energies are afoot currently in my life. Do I have a Consciousness of Lack that is getting in my way of building my business? This is key for me to know so that I can adjust my thoughts and feelings to attract more abundance. Does Spirit want me to reach out to a Professional to get help in some area? Am I entering into a cycle of increase where I can expect more flow into my life – and, be reminded to keep doing what I am already doing to take advantage of that energy cycle. I could go on about the great cards I have gotten each month. Some have helped me course correct, shift my intentions and consciousness so I could align with what I really desired and accepted certain temporary cycles, rather than fight against them. An Oracle Card Reading can provide that, and more. What is pressing in your life, on your heart? What energy patterns keep you stuck? What limiting belief is negatively affecting a relationship? My Readings are a current snapshot of your life. What initially comes up is what is calling to be revealed, talked about, loved on, changed, clarified. I always pull 3 cards first. I know that Spirit wants to talk with you about a few things, so I move aside and trust what shows up. That is where the Magic begins. It is more than a “Reading”. It is sacred time for you to commune with Divine Wisdom, via the cards.

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