• Sharon Sams

Why Friction is Necessary For Growth

Are You Willing To Experience Some Bit of Discomfort to Grow, Stretch, Learn, Unfold, Awaken, Transfrom? I am reading a book called "Essential Spirituality" by Roger Walsh. This quote from the book really resonated with me about how I/We look at growth sometimes - the sacrifice part.

"Fortunately, most of the discomfort associated with growth is only temporary, but it is hard to recognize this fact beforehand. Before making the leap, growth looks like a sacrifice. Only afterward, is it apparent that the only sacrifice was the loss of the cold comfort of one's formerly constricted way of life."

I have felt this way about giving up things in my life, or making changes in patterns and behaviors. It is only after a bit, that I realize how much I have gained from the changes - but there was some resistance at first. Willingness is a big word for me. I have to be willing to experience some discomfort, some friction, to get to the other side. To see what is available and possible. Today, just ponder on sacrifice, friction, awareness, willingness, wonder and see what bubbles up.

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