• Sharon Sams

What Signal Are You Transmitting?

What Signal Are You Transmitting?

To manifest the reality you Desire, you want to FEEL the emotion you wish to experience. To turn a difficult situation around, focus on the frequency/vibration of the thing or situation you WANT. Energy ATTRACTS equal energy. When you stagnate in a low vibrational state, that is what you will receive from the universe. On the other hand, if the issue is lack, think and feel abundance. Focus on the past successes of your life and feel gratitude for that. If you are experiencing current life situations that are sad, depressing, frustrating, acknowledge them, but try not to focus and ruminate on that which you do not want to continue to experience. It is a trick of the consciousness to focus on the opposite. This is how the law of attraction works. Energy flows, where attention goes! So please remember this: When you are feeling low or things are not going the way you expected, ask yourself, “What signal am I currently Transmitting?”

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