• Sharon Sams

“Karma Is Simply Patterns of Memory”

This is an excerpt from Edgar Cayce’s Akashic Record's book about Karma. It is his views on Karma, Cause & Effect & Personal Responsibility. “Unfortunately, rather than seeing that individuals are very much active “co-creators” in the unfoldment of their life journeys, too often reincarnation has been misinterpreted as a fatalistic journey through experiences and relationships that belong to an individual because of her or his “karma”.
With this approach, choices made in the past have somehow etched in stone the future, and life is simply a process of going through the motions. Approaches that do not take into account the importance of free will, created what he called a karmic “bugaboo” – a total misunderstanding of the laws at work. Individuals are very much active participants in their life journeys and not simply sometime-reluctant observers. Cayce agrees with the interpretation of karma as the result of cause and effect, but also makes another point. It is not really a debt that must be paid, nor is it necessarily a set of specific circumstances that must be experiences because of deeds or misdeed from the past. Karma is simply patterns of memory from the past that the subconscious draws upon in the present.” I believe it is so important to recognize our abilities as co-creators of our lives. Our spiritual growth comes through how we choose to respond to our situations. New realizations, lead to new choices and new actions which empower us to live more fully and lovingly.

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