• Sharon Sams


I am reading a book called "Looking at Mindfulness" by Christophe Andre. One chapter was about happiness and I loved the way he described it at the end. There is so much discussion about the big H and what it should or shouldn't look like in our lives, how much of it do we have etc. I think this is a very realistic way to look at happiness and therefore takes a lot of pressure off us. See what you think and let me know if you are so moved.

“When it comes to happiness, mindfulness teaches us simply that, as happiness is inseparable from unhappiness and life is bound to confront us with tragedy and disarray, it’s better not to dream of perfect, permanent happiness, but to learn to savor it in snippets. We can make space for it despite our troubles and worries, among them rather than waiting for them to pass and for our problems to be solved (the day we feel that all our problems have been solved will never come, particularly if we are of a worried or melancholic disposition). We must preserve our little moments of happiness, even in adversity-in fact particularly in adversity. It is then that they are at their most touching, magnificent and indispensable.”

Enjoy all your Snippets!

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