• Sharon Sams

Do YOU Need a Fairy Godmother?

We all need Wayshowers, Midwives, Teachers and Fairies to light our way, when we get lost, confused and heartbroken. The Fairy Godmother's wish for you is to remember who you are at Soul Level – your passions, gifts and desires. To emanate more love and joy, than pain and anguish. Sometimes you just need someone to: REMIND you of who you are at the deepest level and of your CONNECTION to your Higher Self and Source Energy. CONFIRM what you already know and feel to be true about yourself and where you are in your life right now. REVEAL new insights, information, aha’s and inspired actions that allow another door to open. TRANSMUTE/SHIFT energy that is not serving you in your life and point you in a direction that has more light, possibility and joy – one with a Higher Frequency. TEACH about Universal Laws so that you can dance more easily with the Universe and manifest and create more of what you want – consciously. That is my WHY. Why I do what I do. I know it makes a difference in my Client’s Lives. We all need a “leg up” from time to time. Reach out to me if you are in search for some direction, clarity, calm, ease and grace to light your way. Let's set up a time, with a cup of tea on Zoom and see what Wisdom the cards want to reveal to you.

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