• Sharon Sams



This card has come up twice in Card Readings recently.

It has been in answer to:

Why aren't things moving ahead when I seem to be doing all the right things?

Why don't I feel excited and hopeful about my move and what it might bring?

Because deep down you don't think you deserve to have success, be happy, find a rewarding fill in the blank.

I LOVE these Consciousness cards - they often get to the heart of the matter. One that has conveniently escaped our conscious ego-driven mind. But exist, it does. Remember Friends, Your Consciousness Creates Your Reality.

That is the beauty of the aha....the reveal of what has tried to stay hidden. Now you know and acknowledge it. First step....

Now your choice how you move forward with empowerment and joy.

Honored to be the Revealer and the Wayshower.

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